Commitment to the Environment    

The Millard Group is committed to educating and assisting our clients with cleaning programs that suit their individual objectives. The Millard Group’s “Shades of Green” Green Cleaning Program was designed and administered by our team of experts to accommodate those that are environmentally conscious.  At Millard we are able to maximize the Green Cleaning Standards to successfully help our clients become leaders in Sustainability and raise their competitive advantage.  More and more managers are realizing the positive impacts that this process can bring to their tenants, environment and their bottom line.  

The Millard Group proposes to use a Healthy High Performance Green Cleaning Program to optimize product selection, apply best practices and support customer sustainability initiatives.  Understanding the importance of the use of environmentally friendly products, The Millard Group has included the use of Green Seal Certified chemicals such as Stride, Alpha and Glance as well as microfiber cloths and Koblenz four level filtration vacuums.

As a part of our “Green Cleaning Program” we have a number of options available to our clients. If you strive for LEED-EB certification we can assist in a number of ways through disposable products as well as Innovation points. The goal is to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

The EPA Comprehensive Procurement Guideline of Minimum Post Consumer Waste is:

  • Towels: 40%
  • Bath Tissue: 20%
  • Facial Tissue: 10%

When it comes to Liners the options grow even further.  Please keep in mind that as a standard practice The Millard Group uses Green Seal Certified products, vacuums and cleaning practices as a part of our Healthy High Performance Cleaning at no additional cost.

Millard’s Green Program helps:

  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Increase sales by attracting new tenants who prefer a cleaner a healthier environment
  • Increase tenant retention and satisfaction
  • Reduces litigation potential
  • Strengthen business owner’s position based on research that shows tenant preferences are shifting towards companies who are green friendly
  • Marketing opportunities
  • Develop additional revenue flow by integrating green practices
  • Improve productivity

Benchmark Green Practices

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is an accepted benchmark green building rating system.  LEED provides a concise structure for implementing practical and measurable green building design, construction, and operation.

By promoting an approach to sustainability, LEED provides direction and tools for measuring and documenting the performance of green buildings.  LEED has numerous programs specific to the type and lifecycle of your desire for you property.

Understanding that there are four levels of LEED Certification, the Millard Group will help you gain the highest points necessary to achieve your desired goal.   We can establish a scorecard listing the potential points for your certification and as a team, work together to determine a strategy to accomplish your certification goal.

The Millard Group views green cleaning training as a key investment in our most valuable resource – our employees. Our Green Cleaning Training begins with Millard University. This comprehensive program is aimed at introduce new hires and existing employees to the policies and procedures of Millard, including administrative policies, safety training, green cleaning procedures and tenant relations. Through a variety of programs, conducted in our facilities and at our client sites, we develop and enhance the skills of cleaning personnel as well as management team members. We believe training is the key to properly executing and continually improving our services.

What we have proposed is just the beginning of the journey to creating a healthier work place for you, your tenants and your employees, as well as lowering the impact on our environment.  At your request, we can guide your facility management team through the process of achieving your green goals.

Contact The Millard Group to learn more about our programs or to speak with an Account Rep.

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