What makes the difference between good service and great service? For Millard, the answer is supervisory excellence and a commitment to ongoing employee training.

Millard's clients have an area supervisor who monitors employees’ work and helps solve unexpected challenges. These professionals are responsible for ensuring that our clients’ workplaces are fully staffed, well equipped and that all of their requirements are met.

Most of Millard's supervisors have risen up through the Company’s ranks. They will go to nearly any length to make sure clients are pleased with the quality and consistency of the company’s work.

Millard Group supervisors are either bi- or multi-lingual, which allows them to communicate clearly with their direct reports. The Company trains supervisors to ensure that they have the management skills to successfully motivate employees and coordinate clients onsite needs.

Millard provides employees with ongoing training and support to help them excel in their jobs. Employees have a voice in the company through access to management staff, regular surveys and informal input sessions.

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