Safety & Training

Millard is an industry leader in safety and health. The safety of our clients and employees always comes first in everything we do,from machinery operation and chemical usage, to working with electrical equipment.

Millard is committed to safety.  Our philosophy is in order to prevent personal injuries and property damage you must make a sound commitment to safety by adopting a “Zero Accident Culture”. To that end, Millard has implemented a variety of safety programs that have become an integral part of every employee’s day-to-day activities. Our ultimate goal is to eliminate personal injuries and property damage claims period.  This is accomplished through Millard’s highly trained Supervisory and Management Staff who provide further reinforcement to our employees about working safely at all times and supplemented by proper safety equipment, policies and procedures. 

The “Zero Accident Culture” is established during a Project Panager’s indoctrination training in Millard University and passed down to their staff.  It is the company’s requirement that our employee receive safety training on various real-time incidents through a Five Minute Training (FMT) program. In most cases this training is daily prior to the start of the employees shift.  Monthly Training topics ensure that OSHA safety training requirements are met, and ensure that Millard specific training topics are established. Safety training is also part of the orientation process of all newly hired employees, at which time employees are indoctrinated into the Millard Safety Program.

Millard provides safety training in five areas including:

  1. Preventing Slips, Trips and Falls
  2. Safe Operation of Equipment and Cleaning Supplies
  3. Proper Lifting and Pushing Techniques
  4. Identification of Hazards that could cause Employee Incidents
  5. Safety and Security

Millard views training as the key to ensuring long term employees.  Therefore, we have developed a number of unique training programs designed to enhance the skills of our thousands of employees. 


Millard University was instituted to ensure our management team possesses the knowledge and skill-set to be successful leaders in our industry.  During their session, our managers learn Millard’s unparalleled quality standards, followed by the Basic Framework necessary to meet the everyday challenges and finally the Core Workplace Competencies.  During an emplyee's time at Millard University, they will learn Millard’s Mission Vision & Values, which will establish a clear link between what they are doing and how they are helping the Company meet our clients' expectations.  At Millard we believe that if we give our managers the big picture approach, we take the orientation process from being a “one time event” to a strategic learning process for each individual.

Millard's training programs include;

  • Millard’s Proprietary Custom-Designed Training Program
  • Direct Vendor  Training on products and product applications
  •  Task specific training offered by industry leaders such as Diversey, Tennant, and North American Corporation. 
  • Classroom instruction, work simulation exercises, and on-the-job training.
  • Overview of the basic training provided to all janitorial personnel
  • Company Orientation
  • Basic Company Policies
  • Accident Prevention / Damage Reporting
  • Quality Programs & Inspections
  • Latest Cleaning Methods, including Green Cleaning
  • Hard Surface Maintenance
  • Proper Supply Usage & Storage
  • Equipment Care and Maintenance
  • Specialized Cleaning Techniques
  • Safety Training (detailed further below)

After completing this program, janitorial personnel receive continual on-site job training.  Personnel are fully acquainted with any site specific issues.  Supervisory personnel closely monitor and inspect the work of new assignees until they have clearly demonstrated the ability to deliver consistent, high quality service.

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