Communication & Quality Assurance

Communication and quality assurance are a vital part of delivering the unmatched service that The Millard Group is known for.

The Millard Group’s exceptional communication systems ensure that every client receives the highest level of service every day. Many of Millard Group’s employees are immigrants with primary languages other than English, so supervisors are either bi- or multi-lingual. They routinely check with each employee and team on procedural issues and gauge their motivation as well as satisfaction.

Since 1915, quality has been at the heart of everything The Millard Group does. Quality is a permanent commitment at the company, not only to doing each job right, but to constantly seek new ways to do each job better.

The Millard Group’s organizational structure includes a dedicated and independent Client Service Team that reports directly to the company’s president. While quality initiatives are integrated into daily delivery services, this important client-focused team offers an independent method of ensuring quality procedures throughout the company.

At The Millard Group, quality measurements are a moving target, once a quality goal is consistently met, the goal is raised. By constantly raising expectations The Millard Group continually improves its operations.

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