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Your Integrated Solution

The Millard Group provides clients an integrated solution through its full range of Supervised Janitorial, Glass Cleaning, Metal Maintenance, Holiday Decor and Landscaping Services.

Trained Professionals

Trained Professionals

What makes the difference between good service and great service? For The Millard Group, the answer is supervisory excellence and a commitment to ongoing employee training.


High Traffic Areas

The Millard Group offers Janitorial Services to a variety of Industries that have High Traffic Areas including Retail & Mixed Use, Commercial Offices and Corporate Campuses.


Outsourcing to Millard

Outsourcing Janitorial Services to The Millard Group can offer you many benefits. We can help in saving you time, money and resources, enabling you to focus on primary responsibilities.

Glass Cleaning Services

Glass Cleaning & Restoration

Since 1915 The Millard Group has been cleaning and restoring windows all across Chicago.

Full Service Janitorial Services

Full Service Janitorial Services

We offer everything you need to retain your property's reputation for cleanliness including Carpet Cleaning, Wall Washing, Day Porters, Matron Services and so on.



Providing Unparalleled Service, Outstanding Value and Commitment to Our Clients.

A clean workspace makes for a more comfortable, efficient and productive workplace. It’s a simple concept, proven true. The challenge is ensuring cleanliness is transparent day in and day out, on every job.

Since 1915, The Millard Group, a third-generation family owned company, has adhered to one philosophy: to contribute to clients’ success by providing outstanding value and unparalleled service every day. The Millard Group provides clients an integrated solution through its full range of supervised janitorial, window cleaning, metal maintenance and specialty services.

It is the company’s thousands of dedicated employees who make the difference. Every day they deliver value, attention to detail and responsiveness to clients in over 1,000 locations. The Millard Group serves office high-rises, apartment buildings, industrial clients, shopping malls, health care facilities, laboratories, educational markets, banking institutions and other high traffic areas.

Contact The Millard Group for information on the company’s client experience, services and opportunities.

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